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フォード Expedition グリルガード Aries 3060-2 Polished Stainless Steel Grille Guard for 07-14 Ford Expedition

Aries 3060-2 Polished Stainless Steel Grille Guard for 07-14 Ford Expedition
メーカー フォード
車種 Expedition
年式 2007-2014
発送方法 送料一律 1000円(※北海道、沖縄、離島は省く)
商品詳細 輸入商品の為、英語表記となります。
Item specifics
Condition: New Brand:
Aries Offroad
Material: Stainless Steel Manufacturer Part Number:
Finish: Polished Stainless
Diameter: 1.5"

Some grille guards think it's cool to abuse their trucks. They think it makes them tough to slap around a defenseless vehicle, to make innocent trucks and SUVs feel out of place and ill-fitting instead of complementing the natural beauty of their frame. In truth, a real grille guard cares for its truck, tends to its needs and makes it feel special in all the right ways. A real grille guard defends its truck from renegade road debris and the misguided insults of naysayers. The ARIES grille guard features a four-bolt, vehicle-specific mounting system, meaning it contours to your truck's face and uses pre-existing holes for an easy installation and a sweet embrace. As a loving grille guard, it offers the full strength of its 304 stainless steel construction and the shelter of its triple-polished finish. Don't let truck abuse claim another victim. Take a stand with the ARIES grille guard and give your truck a voice.

ARIES grille guards are built to work as hard as you do every time you climb into that truck for another 4-wheel-drive kind of day. Not only are ARIES grille guards designed to give your truck or SUV a tough, trail-ready look, but they also provide front end protection and a great avenue for customization. ARIES grille guards are constructed with a one-piece, heavy-duty 1-1/2" steel tube design, and each one is made vehicle-specific for easy installation and a custom fit. Pro Series grille guards offer maximum customization with a patent-pending light bar housing and interchangeable cover plate. The Pro Series is available in textured black carbon steel, while standard grille guards come in polished 304 Stainless Steel or semi-gloss black carbon steel.



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